New Technology Development

Innovative, Simple and Insertable Treatment Solutions

With all of our projects, we’ve had a common goal to generate the greatest value possible.

Welcome to Risen Water!™

We are a unique firm in the water treatment industry that specializes in the development of new technologies. Based in Georgia, we use our extensive expertise in water and wastewater to guide our path in the development and commercialization of treatment solutions, while also performing full turnkey product development. Our perspective in the marketplace allows us to see, first-hand, the deficiencies in solutions for a given application, and helps us to develop a new, proprietary, superior product!

In purchasing Risen Water,™ solutions, you will find a “smart simplicity” in all our products. The solutions we create are easy to deploy, standardized, and highly efficient in their purpose. We strive for anyone to be able to operate and maintain a Risen Water™ solution, and every design is refreshingly smart and is strategically patented. Water treatment simply doesn’t have to be that complicated and the customer can benefit from that.