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With all of our projects, we’ve had a common goal to generate the greatest value possible. Our opportunities have ranged from the development of simple standard products, to complex design development. Through our consulting services, we have worked to greatly advance our partners’ value propositions and market reach.

After our Water Selector Project with IXOM, here is what they had to say about Risen Water.

“I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the support and insight recently provided by the Risen Water™ team. Risen Water™ not only helped identify a new product for a market that complements our existing technology, but has been instrumental in designing, piloting and commercializing this exciting new offering. This will allow Ixom Watercare to maintain a leadership position within the industry and allow future growth opportunities as utilities embrace this new product. It will completely change how utilities manage water quality management issues within our industry and I am excited to have worked with you on the development. “ – Randy A. Cable. Global Head, MIEX

After working with Risen Water on the new Ozzy Cup Screen development, this is what Ovivo had to say about working with Risen Water.

“Believe it or not, the idea started on a small piece of paper at WEFTEC 2 years ago.  With quick action on Chris’s part at Risen Water and working with Ovivo engineers, within 6 months we had a design and a place for our first installation.  It was as streamline as a new product pilot could be.”  – Jared Holindrake, Inlet Group Manager, Ovivo


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